Who is behind the lens? This page is all about me…

How I work

I love natural lighting and the pureness that goes with it. I feel truly honoured to photograph your newborn, each one is a tiny miracle so unique and perfect. You won’t see any props or headbands, just them as they are, simple, relaxed and natural.

If I’m at your wedding I like to stand back and let your day unfold; blending in, capturing the moment. I love taking photographs that capture the mood, the feelings and the emotions. I work hard so you can re-live those moments every time you see your pictures.

And me? Behind the camera?

I love hearing the rain when I’m cozy in bed. The beach. Good manners. Trail running. Sweet peas. Fresh homemade bread. Camping. Meeting new people. The smell of sunshine on your skin. Knitting. Gardening. White chocolate. Good company, sometimes none at all. A good read and clean sheets. I am my family; my husband Charlie, our kids Ruaridh and Ena, not leaving out our boxer dogs, Fingal and Agnes.

Want to chat some more?

If you think we’d click, lets chat. Just email me via the contact form or call me on 07533 074 985.