Danish | Italian Wedding at Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh

A wedding of different traditions, Danish | Italian Wedding at St Cuthberts |GreyFriars Kirk, Edinburgh

Sara, Riccardo and I met in Costa at last year to chat about their wedding plans.

I always think it’s best to meet up to make sure you have that connection with one another and needless to say these guys were my kind of people.
Sara and Riccardo were getting married at St Cuthberts, on Slateford Road, which is his family church and then onto Greyfriars Kirk.

Sara and Riccardo’s wedding was quite frankly, one of the best wedding’s I have ever photographed. From start to finish the vibe was relaxed, great fun and everyone was involved. As Sara is from Denmark and Riccardo an Italian from Edinburgh, the traditions from both Danish and Italian cultures played a big part in the day. Ones I had never come across before and it was lovely to see.

The Danish Traditions started when we arrived at Greyfriars Kirk.

Anytime during the reception when the groom leaves the room. All the male guests must go up and ‘steal a kiss’ from the bride. Similarly this happens with the bride leaves the room too.
Another tradition from the Danish involves all the guests tapping the knives / forks on their glasses. When they do the bride and groom must kiss standing on their chairs. If the guest stamp their feet they must kiss under the table. I loved this!

With all that is going on the Italian traditions begin too. Dancing between each course, now this blew me away.
By the time the starter had been eaten every single guest was on the dance floor and really dancing, we had waltz’s, the conga and this was before the main meal! It was amazing to see and really hard not to get sucked into dancing too!

With the night drawing in and the dancing well underway, another Danish tradition need to take place before midnight. The Bridal Waltz. Sara and Riccardo are surrounded by their clapping guests whilst they danced. The guest slowly move in towards them so eventually they couldn’t dance anymore. Riccardo was then lifted up into the air, his shoes removed and the ‘toe’ of his socks cut off. Why? Why exactly….
Well from what Sara told me it’s about when the boys are trying to impress girls they always wear their best. So, when the men are married and their socks are now toeless, girls won’t find them attractive and they will realise that they are married!


Dress – Emma Roys
Kilt – Geoffrey Tailor kiltmaker
Caterers – Giuliano’s
Florist – Family Friend
Band – Angela & Paolo (During meal) and The Rolling Drones (During evening)
Table and table ware by Andrew Wilson

Wedding at Greyfriars Kirk
St Cuthberst Church, Slateford Road Edinburgh
Calton Hill, Edinburgh
Wedding at Greyfriers Kirk




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