Photography Farm Workshop

I’m sure most of you know by now that I headed off the bright lights of Glasgow on my own to the Photography Farm Workshop. It was funny to be heading out the door myself without the kids, making my way to Edinburgh then onto Glasgow navigating trains, planes and automobiles (well maybe not the planes, but it certainly felt like a quest!). I felt like a total country bumpkin and out of my comfort zone but thoroughly I enjoy myself.

On the way home I sat on the train, the smell of LUSH goodies sat beside me for Ena, reflecting on my trip. Notebook in hand I was scribbling down all my thoughts and feelings.

Those of you who don’t know about the Farm community, it’s not a rehab facility, not it’s more than that. It is a community for all photographers who are passionate about pushing their business on, breaking away from the normal, traditional photography and who help other photos by laying their souls bare for us to learn.

It has been a game changer for me. Not just how I shoot but how I see my business.

Day one was a full day of talks from amazing photographers Fer Juristi, The Crawleys, The Lawsons, Froydus Gehithus, Jennifer Moher, Jim Pollard.
Day two, the photographers were sharing their wisdom and skills by hosting mini workshops for us.

Day One

was a was really incredible. Not only did I get a chance to catch up with old friends and make some new ones, but all of the talks were fantastic. Gaining little golden nuggets of information from them all was great and I am really excited to implement them into my work, all starting from now.
All the photographers have a different style and approach to their photography but each of them had a mutual under tone which is to push yourself, get out of your comfort zone and do something different. I bloody loved it.

Day Two

On day two I was sat on the end of my bed thinking that I should get on another workshop in the morning. I had to grab this opportunity with both hands, as I don’t go on workshops very often so I need to make sure that I soaked everything I could out of this one. I had planned to go on Jim Pollard’s workshop as he, like myself, has a love of the great outdoors. Being from New Zealand he regularly gets his couples a chopper to the top of a mountain and makes some pretty dam good photographs. I don’t think I can do that but I can take from his workshop things that I can relate to and get creative with my way.

After hearing Jennifer Moher talk on day one, everything she said totally resonated with me. Her work ethos, her connection to her family and her just being her. Not only is her work incredible but she as a lovely person too. I couldn’t miss out on her workshop.

I am so excited to get started this year and get out of my comfort zone.
I’m excited to start shooting for my couples and not what I feel the wedding industry think I should be shooting.

This are about to change for the better.

If your interested in me photographing your wedding then please check out my Wedding Guide.

Here are a few photographs from our shoot with Jim.